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I’m Jen. Let’s dive on into the messy bliss that is new parenthood, and healthy living together. Join along as I raise my first baby the best way I know how. Expect to find healthy recipes, new mama tips, self care activities, and more of my blabberings along the way.

25 January 2022

60 Motherhood Affirmations To Feel Like The Badass You Are!

Not sure whether you need these positive motherhood affirmations? Being a mum is the most wonderful and at the same time most overwhelming thing you could possibly be. From the moment you wake in the morning until the second your eyes close, there is always something to do to care for your little ones. Whether it’s rocking a baby...

13 December 2021

Becoming a mum: 11+ things I’ve learned in 11 weeks

I read A LOT of blogs on becoming a mum and having a newborn when I was pregnant. I found out all sorts of great tips and advice, but there were still some things I was surprised by. Becoming a mum teaches you a lot, and in record time, and even though I’ve had my baby earthside...

10 December 2021

Christmas Gift Ideas For New Mums

Long time no see. It turns out having a newborn doesn’t leave you with a lot of free time, who knew right?! Now she’s 10 weeks old, I’ve finally got around to writing this post on Christmas gift ideas for new mums, full of all the present ideas to get your daughter, sister, friend, niece, anyone in...

23 September 2021

43 Weeks Pregnant: It’s Okay To Be Fed Up

43 weeks pregnant? Feeling like you’ll be pregnant literally until the end of time? Me too. In fact, I’m 42+6 today, so technically I’m cheating on my own blog, but I’m so close that we’ll count it, right?!  When I Googled 43 weeks pregnant (public service announcement: don’t do it!), the only results I found were...