It’s the boy’s turn. You might have seen my post on 140 Earthy & Boho Baby Names For Girls and now it’s time for a list of boho baby names for boys.


boho baby names for boys


I know I’m not the only one who finds boy’s names 100x harder than girl’s names. In fact, there’s not a single boy’s name that my partner and I agree on, so it looks like if we have a boy in the future, we’ll be playing rock, paper, scissors for who gets to name him.

Saying that, there are some gorgeous boho baby names for boys around, that are inspired by nature, mythology, or places. Once again, many of these names could be unisex, so if you’re having a yellow babe (not a Simpsons character) and not finding out the gender until birth, this list might still serve you well. 

For those of you who are impatient like me and couldn’t wait that long to find out, I hope this list of boho baby names gives you some inspiration for that little man in your tummy.

100 boho baby names for boys


1. Gray

The name Gray would also be a cute nickname for Grayson.

2. Bear

3. Cass

4. River

5. Forrest

6. Obie

7. Denver

8. Asher

Origin: Hebrew

Meaning: Fortunate / blessed / happy one

Asher is a biblical name from The Old Testament. Asher was one of the twelve sons of Jacob. But, religious or not, Asher is a great name all round.

9. Elvis

Not just for lovers of a PB sandwich, Elvis would be a super cool name for your teeny tiny rockstar.

10. Sage

11. Reed

Origin: English

Meaning: Red-haired

12. Saint

13. Arlo

14. Jude

Origin: Latin

Meaning: Praised

Jude is a shortened and more modern version of Judah. The story of Judah is well known from his appearance in the book of Genesis in the bible. It’s also a great nod to The Beatles song ‘Hey Jude’.

15. Arrow

16. Bodhi

Origin: Sanskrit

Meaning: Enlightenment / awakening

Bodhi is synonymous with the state of Nirvana. Nope, I don’t mean the song ‘smells like teen spirit’, I mean actual Nirvana, the state of being free of hate, greed, and ego.

17. Bud

18. Cruise

19. Hunter

20. Cash

Another name inspired by music. This name is inspired by Johnny Cash, and it sure is better than A Boy Named Sue! (If you’re not a Johnny Cash fan, you really will be scratching your head right now)

21. Aubrey

22. Juneau

23. Oakley

24. Jett

25. Helix

26. Austin

Origin: English

Meaning: Great / magnificent

Austin is a shortened form of Augustine, so if you love Roman names but want a name that’s a bit more modern, this could be a good option.

27. Seven

28. Ever

29. Beau

Origin: French

Meaning: Handsome

I mean you might be biased on how gorgeous your baby is, but with a name like this, it’s a sure thing.

30. Ryder

31. Orlando

Origin: Italian

Meaning: Famous throughout the land

32. Griffin

Origin: Welsh

Meaning: Strong Lord

33. August

34. Hudson

35. Clarke

36. Drake

37. Kent

38. Odin

Origin: Norse

Meaning: God of frenzy

Odin is the Norse God of art, culture, wisdom, and law.

39. Kai

Origin: Hawaiian

Meaning: Sea

The perfect name for a water baby.

40. Maverick

Origin: American

Meaning: Independent / non-conformist

Seeing as you’re searching out unique names, what’s more unique than a name that literally means ‘non-conformist’?!

41. Zion

42. Storm

43. Theon

Origin: Greek

Meaning: Godly

Theon is an awesome name, and Theo would be a really cute nickname.

44. Huck

45. Adler

Origin: German

Meaning: Eagle

46. Felix

Origin: Latin

Meaning: Fortunate

Felix was the nickname of the ancient Roman Sulla, who believed he was extremely blessed, with luck from the Gods.

47. Ari

Origin: Hebrew

Meaning: Lion of God

48. Flint

49. Aspen

50. Theo

51. Cedar

52. Fox

53. Maddox

54. Otto

Origin: German

Meaning: Wealthy

Start your baby boy off on the right path by giving him that cha-ching mentality.

55. Thor

Origin: Norse

Meaning: Thunder

A really strong name. Thor is the God of thunder, strength, and rain.

56. Kit

57. Sawyer

58. Heath

59. Jax

60. North

61. Saturn

This name isn’t just the sixth planet from the sun, it’s also an old Roman name for the God of agriculture.

62. Archer

63. Orion

Origin: Greek

Another name that is inspired by Greek mythology. Orion was a legendary hunter, who was slain by Artemis, but was then placed in the sky by Zeus as one of the brightest constellations in the sky.

64. Bowie

Origin: Scottish

Keeping the rock and roll theme going, this name also means blond, so if you’ve got a golden-haired boy, this might be a strong contender.

65. Axel

Origin: Scandinavian

Meaning: Father of peace

66. Sunny

67. Remy

68. Wolfe

69. Storm

70. Abel

Origin: Hebrew

Meaning: Breath

71. Everest

72. Sandy

73. Dash

74. Roman 

75. Knox

76. Ziggy

77. Wilder

If you’re a fan of Oscar Wilde, this could be a great nod to that, as well as being a gorgeous nature name.

78. Atlas

Origin: Greek

Meaning: Bearer of the heavens

Able to carry the world on his shoulders, it’s a strong name for a baby boy.

79. Finn

80. Columbus

One for the travel lovers out there, this name is inspired by Christopher Columbus, who supposedly ‘discovered’ America.

81. Ezra

Origin: Hebrew

Meaning: Help

82. Cole

83. Axyl

84. Rio

Origin: Spanish

Meaning: River

If you love the name River but your partner isn’t on board, try Rio.

85. Zen

Origin: Japanese

Meaning: Meditation

86. Onyx

87. Zander

A nickname for Alexander that’s just a touch cooler and more unique.

88. Nico

89. Lynx

90. Cairo

91. Beck

92. Phoenix

93. Layne

94. Cove

95. Keanu

Origin: Hawaiian

Meaning: Cool breeze over the mountains.

96. Niall

Origin: Irish

Meaning: Cloud

97. Diego

98. Malo

Origin: Breton

Meaning: Shining hostage

99. Eros

100. Koa


I hope this list of boho baby names for boys was helpful to you. You can have so much fun with boy’s names, and I especially love the place names which would be particularly great if you have a place that’s special to you and your partner. Be sure to check out my other list of 140 boho baby names for girls, for even more inspo if you want some more unisex names, or if you’re unsure whether you’re having a girl or a boy.