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I’m Jen, a life enthusiast and multi-passionate plant based mama, raising vegan babies. I’m on a mission to live a simple, wholesome, and nourishing life, both for the body and the soul, and to raise healthy, and most importantly happy, nature loving, kind kids. 

23 April 2023

Stress-Free Routine For Stay At Home Moms: Tips And Tricks To Avoid Burnout

If you are slowly going insane with overwhelm, burnout, and boredom, it’s not you. But, it could be your daily lifestyle. So, today, we’re gonna wipe the floor with your old routine and bring you a new, shiny routine for stay at home moms that will keep you and your kiddos happy.

12 April 2023

Eco Friendly Party Bag Fillers For Kids

Looking for eco friendly party bag fillers for your little one’s birthday? I’ve got you covered. Party bags are one of the most nostalgic things in the world to me and are the make or break for deciding whether a party bangs or blows as a kid. However, the majority of the time, children’s party bag favours are filled...

24 December 2022

5 Best Gentle Parenting Books Every Parent Should Read

If you’re attempting to delve into a more intentional and respectful way of parenting, or are simply trying to stop losing your sh*t with your kids, I get it. While it’s growing in popularity, this way of mothering or fathering a child is still relatively new, which is why I’ve gathered the best gentle parenting books to...

22 December 2022

50+ Super Fun Books For One Year Olds

Looking for the most fun and exciting books for one year olds but don’t know where to start? I’ve got you. Whether you’re an auntie buying a birthday present, a friend who wants to win a toddler’s favor, or a parent who is fed up with repeating the same book over and over, I’ve got a...