If you’re trying to find the best daily affirmation for kids to help improve their self-esteem, confidence, personal growth, or simply to feel loved, you’ve come to the right place.

Daily affirmation for kids

Kids thrive on positive words, as adults do too, but a child hears on average 432 negative words a day. Experts have found that it takes 7 positive words to counteract a negative one, which means children would need to hear 3024 positive words every single day to overwrite the negative ones they’re hearing.

But, how many positive words are they actually hearing? Just 32, which means that all day long, negative words are being pushed in their direction, whether intentionally or not, and negative words lead to negative thoughts and feelings, which in turn lead to negative behaviour.

Well, we want to nip that in the bud. I believe every child has an unlimited potential, and a child’s biggest goal is just to feel loved and secure, which is why I’ve put together this giant list of 100 affirmations that your child can choose from and repeat every single day, to remind themselves of the value they bring to the world.

These daily affirmations for kids are also great inspiration for parents and caregivers of compliments that you can pay your children too, not only when they seem down, but all day long. 

The Best Daily Affirmation For Kids 

While everyone will have their own preference on the best daily affirmation for kids, this is mine.

I am awesome, exactly as I am.

Once more with feeling…

I am AWESOME, exactly as I am!

We all doubt ourselves as adults and kids are no exception. We doubt whether people like us, whether we’re good enough at this or that,  whether we are kind enough, funny enough, smart enough, I could go on. We think that by tweaking our personalities, or masking who we truly are, we will somehow become better, but that’s simply not true.

In my opinion, this is the best daily affirmation for kids, as children experience all of those same emotions, but depending on their age, they may have a hard time expressing those feelings to you.

It reminds them that they NEVER need to change in order to be loved, and that they are important and perfectly created, right down to the last freckle.

This daily affirmation for kids is important as building their self-esteem and you can also mirror it back to them in moments of doubt. If your child can read, pin this affirmation next to their mirror so that every morning they can repeat it to themselves and feel positive about themselves as they start their day. 

Get them excited, say it with them, have them shout it from the rooftops. This daily affirmation should empower them and make them feel on top of the world, and they should feel happy when it’s time for their affirmations for the morning.

100 More Daily Affirmations For Kids

There is no one daily affirmation for kids that will suit everyone, so read your child and their emotions and pick out a few to say with them. If your child doubts that their friends like them, pick out a few that focus on how much everyone loves their company, or if they’re struggling to figure out a solution to something, pick out a daily affirmation about problem solving or perseverance.

These daily affirmations are adaptable to the needs of your child, and you might choose to switch them up over time depending on what your kiddo is experiencing.

  1. I can do hard things.
  2. I believe in myself.
  3. My actions make a difference.
  4. I am powerful.
  5. I am kind to everyone.
  6. I am a hard worker.
  7. I stand up for others.
  8. I get better every single day.
  9. I have great ideas.
  10. It’s okay not to know everything.
  11. My thoughts are important.
  12. I am proud of myself.
  13. I am a great friend.
  14. I respect everyone around me.
  15. Children love playing with me.
  16. I can do anything I set my mind to.
  17. Today is going to be the best day ever.
  18. All of my problems have solutions.
  19. Everything works out for me.
  20. I am confident in my abilities.
  21. Everyone loves being around me.
  22. Every day brings new opportunities to learn.
  23. Every day is a fresh start.
  24. My best is enough.
  25. I am beautiful, inside and out.
  26. There is no one else in the world quite like me.
  27. I am allowed to make mistakes.
  28. I learn something from every mistake I make.
  29. My family love me unconditionally.
  30. I make good decisions.
  31. I decide my own happiness.
  32. I am choosing to have a great day.
  33. I am intelligent.
  34. I know many things.
  35. I am constantly learning new things.
  36. It’s ok not to be good at everything.
  37. I enjoy learning.
  38. I am able to overcome challenges.
  39. Challenges help me to earn new things.
  40. I have special gifts to share with the world.
  41. The world needs me.
  42. I can respect others’ opinions, even if mine is different.
  43. My personality is the best thing about me.
  44. What’s inside of me is the most important.
  45. I am allowed to say no when I feel uncomfortable.
  46. It’s ok to voice my opinion.
  47. A small act of kindness makes a big difference.
  48. My heart is full of love.
  49. The energy I put out attracts others to me.
  50. I can take a time out whenever I need it.
  51. I can calm myself down by breathing deeply.
  52. It is ok to feel my feelings.
  53. Crying shows strength not weakness.
  54. I can express my emotions through my words.
  55. I am a good friend.
  56. I listen carefully to my friends.
  57. I make sure to include others.
  58. I will think about all the things that can go right instead of the things that can go wrong.
  59. I can do scary things.
  60. I can be scared and do great things at the same time.
  61. Fear is an emotion that will pass.
  62. I am courageous.
  63. I am my own cheerleader.
  64. I am honest and trustworthy.
  65. My body is strong.
  66. I get a little bit stronger every day.
  67. I can be assertive without being aggressive.
  68.  I can have a positive impact on other people’s lives.
  69. I can ask for help.
  70.  I love myself exactly as I am.
  71. I am kind to myself.
  72. I can talk to a grown up about anything.
  73. I am worthy of being loved and respected.
  74. I am safe and secure.
  75. The world needs me, exactly as I am.
  76. I am an important member of my family.
  77. I am a great storyteller.
  78. I am enthusiastic about my life.
  79. I am on this earth for a reason.
  80. I make everyone feel welcome.
  81. I bring sunshine to everyone around me.
  82. I choose to see the good in other people.
  83. I make my family and friends smile.
  84. I am easy to love.
  85. I am full of inner strength.
  86. I am in charge of my life.
  87. I inspire other people.
  88. I can fail and try again.
  89. If I can dream it, I can achieve it.
  90. My thoughts and feelings are valid.
  91. There are no limits to what I can accomplish.
  92. My dreams are made for me.
  93. Every day, I am a little bit wiser.
  94. I have a positive attitude.
  95. I never give up.
  96. My body is full of energy.
  97. I am brave.
  98. I enjoy new adventures.
  99.  My family wouldn’t be the same without me.
  100.  I create my own reality.

Daily affirmation for kids

Final Thoughts On Daily Affirmations For Kids

While it might not seem to be doing much to start with, over time you’ll see the benefits of helping your child rewire their brain to think positively about themselves, and in turn everyone else around them. Positive affirmations can lead to kinder, more loving, and confident kids, and we hope they work for you and yours.

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