Positive Birth Affirmations

In the western world, we have been taught to be fearful of childbirth. We think of childbirth as a scary, painful, and traumatic experience that we dread, and that often puts us off having children for a while. But there’s no reason why you can’t have an incredibly empowered and positive birth, which is why I’ve put together this list of 40 positive birth affirmations.


When they say that if someone has a positive experience they’ll tell one person, and if they have a negative experience they’ll tell ten, that sure seems true when it comes to birth. People seem to take pure delight in telling women (pregnant or otherwise) horror stories of their births, which might then shape how you think your own birth will go.


The reality is that no two births are the same, and whilst yes there are situations that may arise that you hadn’t foreseen, your mindset towards birth is one of the most powerful shifts you can make in order to have a positive birth experience, whichever way your baby decides to enter the world.


It’s important to protect your space and trust your own judgment when it comes to your birthing experience as, whether you’ve chosen to have an elective c-section, a drug-free birth, a home birth, people will tell you that you’re making a bad decision and don’t worry they won’t hold back (even though you wish they would!), so having a great mindset around birth will help you feel confident in your decision and not let their negativity into your headspace.


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What are positive birth affirmations?


An affirmation is a positive statement or mantra, that you repeat over and over again until you truly believe it.


We are by-products of what we think, and using these positive birth affirmations when we find ourselves feeling nervous or negative helps to shift our mindset into a more positive place.


Affirmations are a work of repetition. Saying an affirmation one time isn’t going to help you as you really have to believe it, and this only works by telling yourself the same thing every single day.


Here’s an example. If you tell yourself that you’re a loser, you might think yeah I feel like a loser right now, but you know that you’re just feeling bad about yourself and that a week later you won’t feel the same at all. But imagine if every single day, you looked at yourself in the mirror and said ‘I am a massive loser’. Over time, don’t you think that you’ll start to think ‘yeah I really am a loser because I don’t have many friends/ I don’t look how I’d like to/ my relationship sucks and it must be my fault etc’.


If, on the other hand, you started telling yourself every day that you were amazing, it wouldn’t be long until you were thinking ‘hey actually, yeah I am pretty amazing, I’m a really great friend, and I have a positive outlook, and I’m just really fun to be around’.


The same works with birth, if you tell yourself you’re going to have a really painful, scary birth, I won’t beat around the bush, you probably will. If, on the other hand, you start saying to yourself that your birth will be a powerful and transformative experience, then hey guess what? It probably will be.




Do birth affirmations help with pain?


In a word, no. Not physically. But, affirmations help with how you deal with the pain mentally, which is a massive help with physical pain.


Ever been sick and feeling sorry for yourself? You go on a big self-pity binge and end up feeling worse. Then, when you snap yourself out of it and say to yourself ‘I’m not that sick, I might not feel great but I feel ok’, 99% of the time you physically do feel better.


That’s how affirmations work. As I said, we are a by-product of what we think, and our mind has more control over our physical bodily sensations than we think.


Pregnancy Affirmations


How should birth affirmations be used?


It’s never too early to start using positive birth affirmations to prepare for labour, so whilst a lot of these affirmations are tailored to be used during labour, a lot of them can also be used in the lead-up, whether you’re 4 weeks or 40 weeks.


Affirmations should be repeated every day, so form it into a habit. I find mornings are the best time for affirmations because it really sets the tone for your day, so after you brush your teeth, or before you shower spend a couple of minutes, looking at yourself in the mirror and repeat some powerful birth affirmations that make you feel like an absolute badass that can do anything.


You can turn this into a really lovely bonding moment with your baby, by placing your hands on your belly as you repeat them and thinking about your little bundle of joy.


Some people find repeating affirmations in this way the most effective, and others need more visual cues. If you’re one of the latter, you can make affirmation cards or post-it notes that you can tape to a mirror, have on your bedside table, keep in the car, etc, to remind yourself of what a wonderful birth you’ll have, wherever you are.


One last thing, it’s also important to repeat your positive birth affirmations whenever negative feelings creep in, which they will, it’s completely natural, especially if like me you’re a first time mum, as it’s something you’ve never experienced, and whilst you can (and should) educate yourself, you’re still somewhat in the dark over what to expect.


So catch yourself every time you find yourself spiralling into negative thoughts, and repeat your affirmations until you feel in a better headspace.


40 positive birth affirmations


I am safe, and my baby is safe.


Each surge is one step closer to meeting my baby.


I was made to do this.


I trust that my body and my baby know what to do.


My body is both capable and incredible.


Women around the world are giving birth with me, right now.


I am strong, powerful, and in control.


I can do anything for 1 minute.


Positive Birth Affirmations


I will meet my baby today.


I am a badass, no matter how I give birth.


Birth is normal and natural.


I am doing an amazing job.


Labour Affirmations


My baby will arrive at the perfect time.


I cannot wait to meet my baby.


My birth will be a transformative experience.


I am connected to every woman that has given birth before me.


I have grown this baby and I will be able to birth them too.


Today I am reborn as a mother.


This is the day I’ve been waiting for.


My body is open and calm.


My body has created a miracle.


Labour Affirmations


I welcome labour.


My baby and I are working together.


I can do this because I am already doing this.


I have nothing to fear.


My baby is ready to live in the outside world.


My body knows how to birth.


My pelvis is wide enough for my baby to pass through.


My mind and body are relaxed.


All of the strength I need is inside of me.


I am prepared to deliver my baby safely, by whatever means my baby needs.


My baby will be strong, happy, and healthy.


I will have an amazing birth.


My baby will come when my baby is ready.


I am surrounded by love.


Positive Affirmations for Pregnancy


My birthing partner is my biggest cheerleader.


The ability to give birth is a gift.


I am stronger than my contractions.


I release all fear as I prepare to meet my baby.


My baby and body are both ready.


My current favourite positive affirmation is ‘I am connected to every woman that has given birth before me.


It reminds me that while birth feels like a huge, life-changing moment (and it is), it is also completely normal, and something all of my ancestors before me have gone through. It makes me feel connected to those before me, and it reminds me of the luxuries we have available to us now, when it comes to labour and delivery, compared to how those ancestors would have given birth.


It also makes me think of my own mama and her journey to meeting me. And when I think of all of these tremendous women, I remember, they got through it, so I will too (and so will you!)


And just remember, YOU HAVE GOT THIS MAMA. If you need some help getting your mindset in the right place, check out these positive birth stories to encourage you.


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